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Always full of loyal customers, this place has definitely upkept the standards and is one of the identifications for Hyderabad. A box each of almond biscuits and osmania biscuits is a definite part of my luggage every time I travel home. Even if I miss going to the outlet, I make it a point to pick them up from the airport. For quick bites, the pia slice and the black forest pastry are my favourites.

Drushti Apoorva

classy ambience, supporting staff with everything u can imagine in chocolates and cakes. There were alcohol, wine, brandy handmade chocolates, lindt (every other international brand), ummmm biscuits, vest cakes in world I have ever eaten. When I bought the chocolates and biscuits for my friends and family, they became interested in them rather than talking to me(as I returned home after a long time) very bery jealous of this bakery though

Shiva Gandhi

This place is a well known paradise for bakery items, in fact this is one of the most famous place in Hyderabad after the monuments :) If any one comes to Hyderabad, or whenever I have to go to meet my family or relatives, one thing is for sure that I have to take some super good biscuits prepared very fresh over here on daily basis. The fruit biscuits are just so good and I think highest selling item of this bakery cum restaurant. They have a lot of other varieties of biscuits such as osmania and choco cookies, along with different flavors of son papdis such as rose, mango and orange. They have sugar less items as well for diabetic persons or those who want to have delicious items but stop themselves thinking about the calories they will consume. They are also expert in preparing cakes in various forms, but I did not had always a great experience in their cakes. The smallest choco cake is just awesome but the bigger ones have a very wet and liquidy base. And I think this is problem with most of the bakers in Hyderabad. They have a lot of other items which cannot be covered in this review. They have a small restaurant mainly serving lighter items such as pastries, sandwiches, tikkas and burgers along with some indian items such as vada pao and dhoklas. Perfect for your bakery needs.

Vishal Srivastava

This is the most famous place in Hyderabad after the monuments. They serve a lot of varieties of biscuits. Their Fruit biscuits are World famous Their cakes are super tasty too... I'll never mind visiting this place again and again

Rutwin Reddy Ch

I wonder if there is any one who isn't aware of Karachi bakery. It's an awesome franchise. Great cakes and specifically speaking Karachi biscuits is their trademark!

Saikiran Sunny

Karachi Bakery is one of my most favourites in the city for many million reasons. It has always been a vital part of my childhood. As a child when we weren't in Hyderabad, my dad would get Karachi biscuits from the city whenever he'd visit and we loved devouring them. After we shifted to Hyderabad, visits to Karachi Bakery turned into a ritual. Karachi biscuits are SO loved that people who visit Hyderabad make sure they leave the town with Karachi biscuits. Quickly, here are the best things you must try at Karachi Bakery: 1. Karachi Biscuits (Osmania biscuits, almond, pista, double delight, or just the classic plain salted ones) 2. Honey Cinnamon Cake (Let these make your evening cuppa better) 3. Chocolate Truffle cake --we got this for a friend's birthday. It was carefully packed, and quite prettily at that in their signature red box, and he loved the cake. It looked great. Tasted even better. 4. This is the best part now. CUPCAKES. Their cupcakes are amazing! I still remember the days when I used to take a huge box of around 30 cupcakes home. The mini cupcakes are a delight, and their red velvet is also decent. Some of their cupcakes come with delightful icing of stars and flowers, badges of Mickey Mouse. Look out for them. I love the fact that you could pick a lot of snacks and savouries for coffee and tea time here. The next time when you are in Hyderabad, you know where to go to pick some of the best local food!

Sunaina Patnaik

One of the famous and favorite bakery in hyderabad, no need to mention the tasty biscuits they make as they are already so famous and now available in other stores also. The cakes and pastries are good and very competitively priced with other bakeries. Must mention the freashly baked puffs too. Super tasty.



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