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ambiance is good, but the staff is showing rude attitude towards customer, myself faced a problem and thought never i should visit this bakery, we are customers we wont come to know the terms and conditions of the bakery, when the bill was generated i took one copy , as 1 copy is enough, but near checkout they asked me bill other copy, i said i kept on table you can take from there, that person said its not my duty to get the bill you should go and get and present here, firstly at the bill counter i was not informed to carry 2 copies, nor when i kept the 2nd copy at the bill counter none said me to take it to give at checkout. when i took the checkout person inside and spoke at bill counter , even that bill counter staff is saying rudely that why we give copies? its your duty to carry it, this is what training is provided to the staff of Karachi bakery, located in uppal (Hyderabad). this let me completely negative impression on this brand , word of mouth and my you tube channel is enough to share the behavior of your staff..

lakshmi narayana

I had a very bad experience. I bought rainbow pastry and chocolate balls which tasted really bad and were stale. I didn't expect this from Karachi. The employee was not using gloves while packing the pastry , he just picked it up using his hand. The billing experience was also worst. I was waiting in the line at the billing counter but the cashier attended some other person who has just arrived at the counter. I will give a rating of 0 for this place. It is highly not recommended to visit. These franchises are spoiling the reputation of Karachi. I will never visit these sub standard or rather I would call them duplicate Karachi stores.

Akhil Abhilash

Karachi Bakery is a connoisseurs delight ever since its expansion of services to operate in several parts of the city allowing its patrons multiple ways to cherish their memorable moments with their loved ones.

Vignesh Reddy Angadi

I am from USA visiting to Hyderabad and I am really unhappy with the service at Karachi bakery shaikpet branch. I visited today to this new branch and brought some stuff and on the payment counter I decided to exchange with something else and the cashier says I cannot exchange the item because she processed my bill in computer and she is giving silly reasons. I did talk to manager and he says he cannot do anything in this finally I have to buy other things to match my bill. this is most ridiculous thing I experienced, I would be really hesitant to buy any thing from this store.

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