Fruit Biscuits Biscuity, Chocolaty, Nutty, Butterly, Delights Baked With Perfection.

  • Vegan Pistachio Millet Biscuit

    Code: KBBI-300

  • Vegan Blueberry Millet Biscuit

    Code: KBBI-301

  • Fruit Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-129

  • Fruit Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-130

  • Fruit Biscuit

    Code: KBBI-131

  • Fruit Nankatai

    Code: KBBI-132

  • Fruit Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-133

Cashew Biscuits Sugar Granules and Cashew Nuts make them a crunchy delight.

  • Cashew Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-124

  • Cashew Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-125

  • Cashew Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-135

Osmania Biscuits A perfect tea time companions.

  • Osmania Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-136

  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

    Code: KBBI-137

  • Chand Biscuit

    Code: KBBI-138

  • Zeera Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-139

Badam Pista Its an Almond and Pistachio treat.

  • Assorted Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-107

  • Pista Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-108

  • Assorted Collection

    Code: KBBI-109

  • Badam Pista Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-110

  • Assorted Mix

    Code: KBBI-111

  • Almond Biscotti

    Code: KBBI-140

  • Almond Cookies

    Code: KBBI-140

  • Sindhi Nankhatai

    Code: KBBI-142

  • Badam Pista

    Code: KBBI-143

Choco Cashew Simply irresistible Cashew Biscuits with added Chocolate.

  • Chocolate Cashew

    Code: KBBI-144

  • Choco Cashew

    Code: KBBI-145

  • Double Chocolate Cookies

    Code: KBBI-126

  • Chocolate Delight

    Code: KBBI-128

  • Assorted Chocolate

    Code: KBBI-106

Butter Biscuits Karachi Bakery's Hallmark Biscuits since its inception.

  • Belgium Chocochip Cookies

    Code: KBBI-146

  • Chocolate Oatmeal

    Code: KBBI-147

  • Double Chocochip

    Code: KBBI-148

  • Nutritonal Oats

    Code: KBBI-149

  • Rote Biscuits

    Code: KBBI-150

  • Choco Delight

    Code: KBBI-151

  • Sugarfree Choco Chip

    Code: KBBI-152

  • Triple Delight

    Code: KBBI-153

  • Butter Cookies

    Code: KBBI-101

  • Health & Energy Cookies

    Code: KBBI-102

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