Short Bread Selection Biscuity, Chocolaty, Nutty, Butterly, Delights Baked With Perfection. Shop Now

  • Cumin Cheese Short Bread Biscuit 200gms

    Code: KBSBR 001

  • Italian Cheese Short Bread Biscuit 200 gms

    Code: KBSBR 002

  • Rose Shortbread Biscuit 300gms

    Code: KBSBR 003

  • English Short Bread Almond

    Code: KBSBR 004

  • English Short Bread Cashew Butterscotch

    Code: KBSBR 005

  • English Short Bread Pistachio

    Code: KBSBR 006

  • English Short Bread Premium Buttery Biscuits

    Code: KBSBR 007

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